What Does the Future Hold for Workspace Design?

It’s no secret the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything in the blink of an eye. Two months ago the concept of social distancing was still a foreign one, and chats about what happened on The Bachelor last night while gathered around the water cooler (or Keurig) were still commonplace. The way we work shifted overnight, with everyone (but those deemed essential) heading to quarantine in makeshift home offices. But even though it feels like it, this won’t last forever. So what comes after?

​Cushman & Wakefield is already thinking about the future of workspace design, and is testing one concept in their Amsterdam headquarters. “Using design to nudge behavior,” the space utilizes both wayfinding signage and the furniture arrangement itself to keep employees six feet apart at all times. For the full details, check out this article by Fast Company.

​It’s impossible to tell what the future holds, but it’s a safe bet concepts like these will soon become the norm, along with an increase of employees working from home on a more regular basis. The way we design for office life will adapt right alongside the office itself. What do you expect our new normal to be like?