Team e!

Holly and Kristine were able to meet up over the Thanksgiving break in Arizona for a local “Turkey Trot” race.

Having fun on the run

Here at e! we’re always looking for ways to quantify our success, but Kristine Svehla-Brown takes it to the next level. This year she cycled, ran, and swam in five long distance events, including two 70.3 triathlons. Add up the distances of her races alone, and they’re equal to driving from Vancouver, B.C. to Salem, Oregon.

What keeps her motivated? Well, her finisher medal in the shape of Texas is a favorite. And swimming in the clear blue water at the Chelan Man Olympic triathlon is still fresh in her mind. But really – it’s the endorphins of training along with the opportunity to do many events with family and friends that keep her signing up for more.

And apparently it can be contagious, as our own Holly Perkins just completed 11 weeks of training and rocked her first Seattle 1/2 Marathon on a very soggy Sunday after Thanksgiving!

Kristine is not sure what’s exactly on the docket for next year, but she’s thinking of putting her first full marathon on the list. Perhaps Holly is crazy enough to join her? (Hint, hint?)