Big Bold Marketing Center Celebrates a New Era for the Maritime Building and Seattle’s Waterfront.


Maritime-MarketingCenter_8 Maritime-MarketingCenter_6 Maritime-MarketingCenter_2 IMG_0813It’s an exciting time along Seattle’s waterfront.


While the waterfront redevelopment is surging along, so is the complete renovation of the Maritime Building. Built in 1910, the Maritime Building was a prominent structure along the bustling Seattle seaport. Recently landmarked, the redevelopment will restore historic details while adding a new infrastructure, roof deck, amenities and more. We worked closely with our client, Beacon Capital Partners, to create a big, bold marketing center that celebrates the past, present and future of the building.


Old and new are celebrated here on so many levels. Old, beautiful post and beam timbers frame the 84” touchscreen experience, that lets visitors explore the building, neighborhood and so much more. Artifacts hang along with gigantic digital prints that paint the story of new beginnings. Digital timeline annotates the buildings history and future ahead.


What great fun for us to create this space, and to be a part of the building’s history.