e! Goes Mobile

We’re excited to announce that we have launched the mobile version of our website (whoot!). Please experience it for yourself — simply visit our website from your mobile device and you’ll automatically be directed to the fast, slimmed-down version of our site.

Before creating our site we set a few simple goals:
Make content easy to find
Files should be as small as possible to minimize load time
Maintain the visual identity that is established for our brand
Our mobile site meets all of the goals while maintaining our high standards of functionality and design.

Certain experiences are different on desktop computers than on a mobile device. Take scrolling for example. The fundamentals of good web design tell us that scrolling is bad, but touch technology has made scrolling fun, thus shifting the paradigm. We’ve embraced this shift to make our site easy and fun to navigate.

The mobile nature of handheld devices means that an Internet connection cannot be assumed to be consistent. As anyone who’s traveled through downtown Seattle while surfing on their smart phone can attest (not while driving, of course!), data connections can be incredibly spotty when you’re on the move. Planting enough data on each page helps us to minimize page transfers. This allows our user to absorb a good quantity of information before they commit to visiting another page.

Mobile usage is growing every day. The data from our top clients shows a 500% increase in mobile usage in 2011 compared to the year before. To keep growing numbers of mobile viewers (i.e. potential new clients) from experiencing the frustration of long download times and difficult navigation, now may be right time to develop your company’s mobile site. And, of course, we’d be glad to help.